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Ways To Avoid Frozen Pipes And Pipe Repairs This Coming Winter

Ways To Avoid Frozen Pipes And Pipe Repairs This Coming WinterBefore winter arrives this year in Colorado, it’s a good idea to start thinking about keeping our plumbing pipes from freezing and cracking. Temperatures have already started dropping and winter will soon be upon us in Frisco, so it’s time to get on the ball and think about how to avoid cracked pipes and the resulting pipe repair or replacement.

To help our customers avoid dealing with frozen pipes and pipe repairs during the winter, our Frisco plumbers at Wieronski Plumbing & Heating, Inc. have put together the following basic guide on the main ways to protect the plumbing pipes from freezing and cracking.

Ways to Insulate and Wrap Pipes

Wrapping all the exposed plumbing pipes will help to keep them from freezing. Temperatures will soon drop below 30 degrees at night in Frisco, so this should be done as soon as possible.

A foam insulation for plumbing pipes can be purchased and used to wrap the pipes. This would be the best option for most people to consider since the foam insulation is already performed to fit the pipes.

Make sure you follow the directions and that the insulation itself is properly sealed around the plumbing pipes. Otherwise, it’ll be as if you didn’t even bother to insulate them. If you carefully follow the directions on the package, you shouldn’t have any worries over the cost of pipe repair or replacement throughout the entire winter season.

The goal behind insulating the plumbing is to keep the pipes from freezing, but many people don’t understand that in addition to the cold weather, moisture is also the enemy here. If moisture finds a way to get underneath the insulation you installed on the pipes, it will freeze there. This is why people get surprised with a pipe repair or replacement even though they did try to insulate and wrap the pipes.

Other Ways You Need to Protect Pipes and Exposed Fixtures

When looking for exposed pipes to wrap, you’ll also want to think about wrapping all the exposed outdoor fixtures. Take a look around your property to see if you have any other exposed plumbing fixtures such as sprinkler systems, water wells, swimming pool plumbing, and outdoor faucets.

All the exposed pipes and fixtures need to be insulated and wrapped as well. Again, the best way to keep the outdoor fixtures and pipes from cracking this winter is to purchase a kit. There are several different types of insulated coverings you can use which are made to fit and protect outdoor faucets, well plumbing, pool plumbing and other parts. Just remember, seal them in such a way that no moisture can get behind the insulated covers.

Insulating Indoor Pipes

Most people don’t think about insulating indoor pipes, thinking they’ll be fine because the inside of our homes stay warmer. Unfortunately, they’ll often find themselves looking for a plumber who’s available after hours to help with an emergency pipe repair.

Look around the interior of your home for plumbing that’s located near the exterior walls such as under sinks, in the garage, up in the attic, underneath the house, or inside outdoor closets or well pump houses. Most of these exterior walls and different areas have very little insulation to protect the plumbing, leaving it exposed to temperatures that are still low enough to freeze the pipes.

Insulate and Protect the Water Heater Plumbing

Another area many homeowners in Frisco forget about is protecting the water heater and associated plumbing pipes. Remember we mentioned to protect pipes in the garage? If your garage serves as your laundry room, houses your water heater, or has any type of plumbing located along the exterior walls, the pipes and fixtures in this area will also need to be insulated and wrapped.

Kits are also available to insulate water heaters. Be sure to get the right size water heater insulation kit and follow the directions carefully so that you’re not stuck with improvising or else you may find that you’ll need a partial pipe repair or replacement for the pipes leading to or from the water heater.

More Tips on Plumbing Repairs

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