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The following page shows before and after pictures of Breckenridge heating systems repaired by Wieronski Plumbing & Heating Inc. We are providing these pictures to show that there is a difference in the quality of installations from one company to another.

Some of these show that the original installations were not allowing the homes to heat properly.

Some were operating inefficiently resulting in high utility costs.

Several systems failed within a short time and required complete replacement.

Some systems were actually installed dangerously.

All of the above problems could be traced back to poor installation, improper design, and the use of inferior material.

Wieronski Plumbing & Heating Inc. takes pride in the workmanship of heating systems. Being in the service business for over 27 years, we have learned which equipment is long-lasting and which equipment fails prematurely. When designing quality heating systems, we only use the best material, equipment and components that have demonstrated to be long lasting, and that will provide you with a heating system that will give many years of dependable service.

Wieronski Plumbing & Heating Inc. is locally known for quality service, and we also have an excellent reputation with the boiler manufacture reps located in Denver.The following is a quote from Dennis Bellanti, a boiler representative who has inspected numerous heating systems.

"I have seen many Buderus (boiler) installations including some in Germany. I truly believe your installations are some of the finest craftsmanship I have seen anywhere"

In 2008 Wieronski Plumbing and Heating Inc. was called out to inspect a new 4 unit complex where two of the units had Carbon Monoxide detectors sounding an alarm.

Upon inspection of the project Wieronski Plumbing and Heating Inc. was informed a local Mechanical Company had finished the heating system installations six months earlier. During that time the Mechanical Contractor kept telling the home owners and contractor that everything was okay and installed up to code. However, they could not explain why the Carbon Monoxide alarms kept sounding an alarm.

Wieronski Plumbing and Heating Inc. inspected the four unit complex and many safety problems and code violations were discovered. A nine page inspection report was provided to the homeowners and contractor. The contractor was then able to go back to the original mechanical contractor and have the problems corrected. This resulted in financial savings to the contractor, but more importantly in all probability it prevented someone from being scalded, injured from Carbon Monoxide or hurt due to the improper installation of the heating system.

The problems discovered by Wieronski Plumbing and Heating Inc. in one of the four units were as follows:

Boiler chimney was not high enough above the roof as required by code. When a vent/chimney is not high enough, heating equipment will not vent properly. This improper venting can allow flue gases which may contain Carbon Monoxide to enter the home.

Water heater did not have any controls installed to control the temperature of the hot water. This improper installation was allowing the water heater to over heat to 180 degree.

With domestic hot water temperatures of 150 degrees 3rd degree burns can happen in less than 1 second for a child and less than 2 seconds for an adult. This was a serious health risk that needed to be corrected as soon as possible.

1" water service was reduced down to ½". This improper reduction in water piping size was restricting water flow to the home.

Water heater did not have a temperature and pressure relief valve installed as required by code.

A valve was improperly installed between the safety relief valve and the boiler. This improper installation was against code and could have caused a dangerous over pressurization of the boiler which could have resulted in damage to the home.

Ball valve that was installed to isolate the boiler was installed in the wrong location.

This improper installation would have caused the water to be turned off to the entire home when the water was turned off to the boiler.

Heating system did not have proper two temperature control system.

Air scoop was installed improperly.

Two heating circulators were installed improperly.

Thermal expansion tank installed was not installed as required by code.

Wieronski Plumbing & Heating Inc. designed and installed a miniature heating system in the trailer shown below which is used for training throughout the state of Colorado. This trailer is also used at home shows to help explain to customers how radiant heat works. The miniature heating system in this trailer was featured in the September 1996 issue of Plumbing & Mechanical magazine.

Our supplier has thanked us many times for the design and installation we made for the trailer. They say that at every training class someone mentions how well designed and installed the trailer heating system is.

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Piping and controls were installed poorly preventing adequate flow through the boiler. This improper flow was causing the boiler to cycle on for 15sec. then off for 45sec. This unnecessary cycling was nonstop for days causing frequent heating repairs. Also, the improper piping and controls were not allowing the home to heat properly requiring the homeowner to use electric space heaters to help heat the home during the winter.

Approximately one year after Wieronski Plumbing & Heating Inc. made repairs the homeowner said, "the heating system has been working great and our heat has not failed a single time. Our home is now nice and warm and we do not have to use electric space heaters to help heat our home."

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Boilers were not being operated by the heating controls. System was not dependable and had a history of continually failing. Polybutylene tubing was allowing the boiler system to rust causing damage to the boiler, pumps, and leaks in the heating system.

A heat exchanger with bronze pumps was installed to prevent the system from rusting. Additional controls were installed to help extend the life of the tubing plus provide additional fuel savings.

Summit heating service Summit boiler service

Heating system was rusting causing damage to the entire heating system. The heating system was not dependable and sections of the home would not heat properly.

Heating system stopped rusting and the heating system has become very dependable. The heating system also heated the home properly even at a very low outside temperature of 20 below zero.

Summit heaters vail valley heating

Boiler system had many leaks; an outdoor sensor was installed inside the mechanical room instead of outside where it would monitor the outdoor temperature. Domestic hot water was not being produced properly. Heat exchanger was not installed to prevent rusting. Condensation lines were installed improperly.

All of the above problems were corrected by reworking the piping in the mechanical room.

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Polybutylene tubing installed in the home was allowing the boiler system to rust causing damage to the boiler, pumps, and leaks in the heating system.

A heat exchanger with bronze pumps was installed to prevent the system from rusting. Additional controls was installed to help extend the life of the tubing plus provide additional fuel savings.

vail valley heating system summit county heating system

Improper heating design was preventing this home from heating properly. The homeowner compared the indoor and outdoor temperature for one week and said, "It appears pretty clear that in-house temperatures start to drop as the outside temperatures drop to below 20 degrees and especially when the temperature is 15 degrees". When it was 3 below zero the home would only warm up to 54 degrees though the thermostat was set at 72 degrees.

Redesigning the piping and controls in the mechanical room not only allowed the home to heat properly, but the natural gas bills were also lower. Doug said repairing the heating system has allowed them to have a comfortable home and for the first time, even when it is 28 degrees below zero the inside of their home is nice and warm.

copper mountain heating system colorado heating system

Heating system was rusting due to not having a heat exchanger. Living room, kitchen and entry heating zone was installed on too long of a heating loop causing inadequate heat for those rooms. Circulator was installed improperly; fittings were improperly soldered causing leaks. Polybutylene tubing was operating at too hot of a temperature causing premature failure.

Stainless steel heat exchanger with bronze circulators and equipment was installed to prevent rusting of the heating system. Living room and kitchen heating zone was separated into two shorter zones to allow for proper heating of those rooms. Polybutylene tubing is operating at a proper temperature to help save on fuel cost, help extend the life of the tubing, plus allow the home to heat more comfortably.

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  • Boiler installed was undersized for home preventing the home from heating properly.
  • Incorrect gas line was installed preventing proper operation of the boiler.
  • Incorrect Cellular core PVC piping was used for the exhaust piping of the boilers. This could have become a major health problem.
  • Some of the PVC exhaust, intake and condensate piping was not glued. Failure of the venting system could allow Carbon Monoxide to enter the home.
  • Incorrect vent terminations were installed.
  • Improper vent termination was causing moisture to accumulate on wood inside of the crawlspace. This moisture could damage the wood framing in the home.
  • Vent piping length was too long per the manufacture of the boiler specifications.
  • Room thermostat was not controlling the zone valve or heating system.
  • A dirt separator was not installed to protect the boilers as required in the installation instruction.
  • Spirovent was installed improperly.
  • A low water cut-off was not installed on the home heating boiler as required by the boiler manufacture.
  • Low water cut-off was installed improperly on the snow melt boiler. Low water cut-off must be installed above the heat exchanger of the boiler. In that way if no water is in the heating system the boiler will not operate preventing damage to the boiler. Contractor installed the Low water cut-off at the lowest point, below the boiler heat exchanger. If there was no water in the heating system the boiler would have been damaged before the low water cut-off shut down the boiler.
Before Photo-Summit Boilers BEFORE: After Photo-Summit Boilers
All of the above listed problems were corrected by installing a properly designed control panel and new boilers.

If you are looking for more gallery information from our heating or plumbing team in the Summit / Vail Valley area then please call 970-668-8800 [Summit] | 970-479-1212 [Vail Valley] or complete our online request form.