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3 Plumbing Services You’ll Want For Vail Valley Home Restorations

Plumbing Services Vail ValleyThe last thing you want to do is forget about updating the plumbing when restoring or updating your home. The plumbing system ages, just as the other building materials do. If not updated, expensive problems can crop up, one after another.

When remodeling or updating a home, always consider the plumbing. This is the perfect time to ensure the plumbing system is in great working order for more years to come.

Many problems can be handled at this time by our Vail Valley Plumber. Here are some simple plumbing projects you’ll want to incorporate into your restorations project.

Repair Old Plumbing Connections In The Bathroom

It makes little sense to remodel a bathroom without ensuring the plumbing is updated. If the pipes connecting the toilet are corroded or rusted, a leak could damage the new floor, drywall, or cabinetry.

Check the connections under the sink as well as the connections at the toilet. Test the shutoff valves to ensure they work easily.

The shutoff valves can get corroded and stuck. Sometimes they will break off or leak at the handle when you try to force-turn them. If there is any difficulty, be sure the problem is repaired before the new floor is installed.

Professional Drain Cleaning Service

Even if your plumbing system isn’t as old as the home, drain cleaning should be a part of regular maintenance. When remodeling or restoring, you have the opportunity to make this service part of the project.

The sewer lines need to be cleaned with the drains. This removes sedimentary buildup in the pipes as well as sludge and debris. It’s always nice to start with a fresh, healthy plumbing system when remodeling a bathroom or kitchen.

Replace The Kitchen Disposal

Depending on when the kitchen disposal was installed, you can expect it to last between 8-15 years. If your disposal hasn’t been replaced within this time, replace it when remodeling the kitchen.

The garbage disposal needs to work right to keep the plumbing system healthy. It also needs to be replaced due to bacteria growth. Drain cleaning may solve this, but on old waste disposals, you might as well go ahead and replace it and then have your drains cleaned.

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